Last Month Today, August!

Last Month Today, August!

This last August was a hot one! Here's a recap of the last month for everyone to catch up on.

OESD Event Poll


Firstly, we decided to reschedule our Choose Joy by Oklahoma Embroidery & Sewing Designs event from September 8th & 9th to November 10th & 11th. We want to host the best event we can for everyone, so we're conducting a poll on Facebook to see which of the four options are preferred. Click here to participate! 

We'll be providing plenty of food at this event - Nancy always tells me to emphasize there will be lots of chocolate as well. We've recently been hosting a few potlucks which has been fun.

If you're coming to one of our events, come hungry!

These are your options for the next OESD class in November!

1. Stitching in the Kitchen 🍽

Originally we were going to host this event back in March of 2023 before we had flooding issues. 


2. Sew Happy 🧵


3. Say Cheese (1 Day Event) 🧀


4. Choose Joy 🌸

Heirloom Quilt & Stocking Class

 We finalized the dates for our newest class that Cheri is teaching! We got the idea for it when Peggy German came by with a beautiful quilt and pair of stockings. She fittingly dubbed it an Heirloom Quilt and Heirloom Stockings. We posted it on Facebook, and you all loved it!

We'll be scheduling those Heirloom stocking classes closer to the holiday season.

Right now the plan is to have two sessions, a Tuesday and a Saturday class for the Heirloom Quilts. There are four classes scheduled for each, and Cheri will work with everyone to find a good time for a final class to finish the quilts.


The current dates:
Tue. Sept. 5th, 12th, 19th & Oct. 3rd
Sat. Sept. 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th
The price:
Class: $280 Kit: $80 
9 prepped blocks, lace & ribbon

Sign up here!

Baby Lock Tech

Stephanie recently went to Baby Lock Tech which is an annual trade show hosted by Baby Lock where they show off a bunch of new developments in their machines, patterns, and many other things. If a picture is worth 1000 words then she took enough for a novel - these are some of the highlights!




It was a great time - everyone at the convention was incredibly kind and helpful. Baby Lock tries to be careful with spreading around the retailers, so the space felt far more collaborative than competitive which we're extremely grateful for. Our shared love of sewing should be something we can build community around after all!


Altair 2 & Meridian 2 Bundles Released!


 At Baby Lock Tech, Stephanie was able to find plenty of examples of the new machine embroidered crochet and couching techniques that are newly available to the Altair & Meridian after they receive the upgrade bundle. Previously only the Solaris had access to couching, but with a new couching foot the Altair & Meridian can also sew with yarn now (pictured above!).

A unique feature to the Altair & Meridian is the ability to create machine embroidered crochet. Honestly the only appreciable distinction I've noticed between it and regular crocheting is that machine embroidered crochet looks far more precise than when done by hand. Maybe you have a better eye than I do; the picture to the right has both hand crochet and machine embroidered crochet! Can you spot the difference? 
  The upgrades are bundles, and they come with the Welcome Home collection of patterns for you to test drive your new features with. It's a vast collection of embroidery designs that can make your house a home!


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