Heirloom Quilt
Heirloom Quilt
Heirloom Quilt

Heirloom Quilt


Do you ever get curious about all those decorative stitches on your machine? Have you ever sewn with a triple needle or a wing needle? Do you know you can sew with three threads through the same needle? This is a wonderful technique class that will teach you many different ways to use all those stitches that are already on your machine. Have you ever stitched on a piece of ribbon? Ever joined one piece of lace to another? Come join us and explore endless possibilities that are available to you and be amazed by all the designs you can create!

Price includes Kit:
- 9 Prepared Blocks
- Lace
- Ribbon

- Triple Needle (available here)
- Wing Needle (available here)
- Straight Pins
- 3-4 40 wt. embroidery threads

Don't forget to take advantage of the 15% discount on ALL class supplies! (In-store only)