Our Newest Fabrics

For anyone looking to brighten up their next project, this line is for you!

With a rainbow of options and excellent quality, these gorgeous fabrics are perfect for any project!

Don't let the solid colors fool you! 

These fabrics feature a beautiful and understated texture that adds depth to your projects. This subtle detail elevates your creations from ordinary to extraordinary!


For a dash of royalty and elegance, check out the Midas Touch line!

 This cool colorway is the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates a touch of opulence in their projects. Each bolt boasts subtle metallic accents that draw the eye.

Get a boo-tiful head start on Halloween with these spooktastic fabrics!


This haunted harvest of choices boasts a frightfully fantastic range of fabrics to quench your thirst for all things spooky!


For those moments when you're "feline" silly!

From cute cartoon cats to wine-themed motifs, these purr-fect patterns are the right choice for your next project!