Your guide to the All Ohio Shop Hop!

Your guide to the All Ohio Shop Hop!

Attention all shop hoppers! The first All Ohio Shop Hop (AOSH) is almost here! From August 1st - September 30th, the sewing supply stores of Ohio are offering an exciting opportunity to traverse the entire state while collecting unique quilt blocks from 60 participating stores. It's so important to support your local small businesses, and this is a fantastic opportunity for just that. It doesn't hurt that there are fabulous prizes being raffled to participants!

A Quilt to Remember

One of the highlights of the All Ohio Shop Hop is the chance to create an Ohio-themed quilt. As you journey through various businesses and towns across the state, each store you visit will have its very own distinct store Quilt Block. Collecting these blocks will enable you to piece together a special quilt that commemorates your exploration and celebrates the beauty of Ohio. There's also 5 regional blocks to collect, and you can purchase an Ohio state block from us and other participating stores for $5.99.

How the Prize Raffle Works

We understand that one of the most exciting aspects of the All Ohio Shop Hop is the chance to win some incredible prizes. So, let's dive into how the Prize Raffle works and how you can maximize your entries.

1. The AOSH Passport: To participate in the Prize Raffle, you'll need the AOSH Passport, which contains spots for stamps from all 60 participating stores. You can find the Passport in the 2023 AOSH Magazine, available for $11.50 on our website by clicking here! Not only does the magazine provide helpful maps and store information for your road trip, but it also contains various quilt patterns, including free online patterns.

2. Collecting Stamps: Between August 1st and September 30th, your mission is to visit as many of the 60 participating stores as possible and collect a stamp from each one in your Passport. The state of Ohio is divided into five regions, each with 9 to 15 stores. Make sure to plan your route accordingly.

3. Grand Prize Entry: Upon collecting stamps from all 60 stores and completing your Passport, you will receive one entry into the Grand Prize drawing.

4. Regional Prizes: If you manage to collect stamps from all the stores within a specific region, you'll earn one entry into the Regional Prize drawing for that region. Additionally, you'll receive a beautiful Regional Collectible Quilt Block in the mail, absolutely free!

5. Entry Level Prize: Even if you can't visit all 60 stores, don't worry! You'll still be eligible for the Entry Level Prize raffle by collecting stamps from 5 or more stores anywhere in Ohio.

6. Jaftex 45 Drawing: For the true adventure-seekers, those who collect stamps from 45 or more stores anywhere in Ohio will earn one entry into the exclusive Jaftex 45 Drawing.

7. Youth Raffle: The All Ohio Shop Hop isn't just for adults. If you're accompanied by young quilting enthusiasts aged 8 to 14, bring them along! There's a special raffle exclusively for them, providing a perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time before the summer vacation ends.

Plan Your Trip Today!

The All Ohio Shop Hop 2023 is an event you won't want to miss. It's a chance to embark on an unforgettable journey through Ohio, exploring local businesses, and discovering the creativity and diversity of the quilting community. Don't forget to grab your AOSH Passport from Seams Sew Easy in-store or online and start planning your road trip from August 1st to September 30th. Click here to see the magazine!

The All Ohio Shop Hop welcomes everyone, so gather your quilting buddies, fuel up the car, and get ready for an incredible quilting adventure! Happy quilting and good luck in the Prize Raffle!

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