Regarding Repairs

Regarding Repairs

To anyone who has a sewing machine currently checked in for repair, please be patient with us as we navigate these unforseen circumstances. We will be reaching out to everyone within the next few weeks regarding their repair status.

For now, the only news we can offer is that we will search for a new technician who can live up to Michael's legacy.

Thank you for your understanding in these times.


- SSE Staff

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Cathy Phipps on

I bought a Pfaff Ambition 630 and the needle threader needs replaced, can I purchase this online to have the hubs replace for me?

carolyn melampy on

Do you all service Bernina machines? Thanks for your time,
Carolyn Melampy

Seams Sew Easy on

@Gail Ulanski Unfortunately, we are not currently taking in scissors to be sharpened. Our new tech does not yet know how to provide this service.

Gail Ulanski on

I was wondering if there’s a certain time when scissors can get sharpened. I have about have about seven pairs that need some loving! Thanks

Kathy Sharpshair on

I’m sure things are very hectic there. My Pfaff was scheduled to be completed by 09/18.
If it is not finished would you prefer I pick it up as finding a tech who will be able to fill Michael’s shoes will take some time.

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