Looking Back: 2023 In A Nutshell

Looking Back: 2023 In A Nutshell

Season's greetings from your friends at Seams Sew Easy! These past twelve months have been quite busy, but having so many of you keep coming back means the world to us here. We wouldn't be here without our sewing, quilting, and embroidering family.

Because of your support, we were able to do so many more fun events for you all this year. 

Now, for the nostalgia you were waiting for: Our Most Memorable Events of 2023!


March Showers Bring July Flowers

For those who didn't hear about the temporary closure back in March; we experienced a pretty major flood throughout the entirety of the event center, forcing us to cancel and reschedule many of our springtime events. 
Despite this, we got to celebrate our Events Center reopening better than ever before! The reopening in July turned out wonderfully due to the building being so freshly renovated. So even though we missed out on the April Garden Party and the Choose Joy event, we still had a party to remember!

After Flooding


After Reopening

 Baby Lock Tech Trip

Back in August, Stephanie visited the annual Baby Lock Tech trade show, to learn more about the latest innovations in their machine designs, available patterns, newest programs, and more! She was so impressed that she ended up chronicling the trip with dozens of pictures.

"Baby Lock goes all out to show their appreciation for their dealers from the warm and friendly educators to the unique parties they throw. But the best part about the tech is meeting other businesses and making new friends across the country."

~ Stephanie Cole


With A Cheri On Top

I'm sure many of you know Cheri, she was a well-loved member of our team. What you may not have realized is that she ran another quilting shop called Stitches for about 30 years, until her sister decided to sell it to the current owner. She was our resident expert in freemotion quilting, and although she never won any official awards for her skills, she easily won a place in many people's hearts as a dedicated and competent quilter.

We are sad to say that Cheri no longer works with us. We'll always remember and appreciate the positivity she brought to our business. And although she will no longer be around, we hope to learn from her expertise and continue on as strong as ever.

We'll miss you, Cheri!


Arrow (Cabinets)

For those in need of truly innovative sewing furniture, from ergonomic chairs to small cutting tables to massive desks that do it all, this brand lands a bullseye every time! We started carrying Arrow Sewing Furniture for sale back in March, for any and all your sewing furniture needs.

 Norma Jean White Arrow Sewing Cabinet – The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore


Richard Tharp Quilts


Thank you to all our friends who joined us in October when we hosted award-winning quilt designer and textile artist Richard Tharp. Known by Richard Tharp Quilts on YouTube, or on his website FiberFaire Studios, Richard visited to teach a class on the embroidery software built in to the high-end Baby Lock machines called IQ Designer.

If you enjoyed learning from a specialist like we did, let us know! The more support we get for events, the more events we can host!



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